Sunday, March 8, 2009

Reinventing the wheel

Just for some yesterday I looked at the tires on our car. I thought to myself, you know, 7,000 years of the wheel and no one has improved upon it? What's wrong with people? Surely "I" can improve on tried and true methods.

So I took the wheels off my car, I squared off the edges just a little bit, figured this would make them more aerodynamic. Then I thought, "you know tires are so darn expensive anymore and not "good for the environment." So I came up with a solution to that, "I'll make these new squared off tires out of recycled walmart bags!"

I mean really, everyone has a cabinet full of them at home right? Surely they would be as strong and last as long as rubber right?

Does this sound ridiculous to you? It should.

Although it isn't any more ridiculous than some of the crap I've heard lately with people trying to "reinvent the wheel" when it comes to long term storage of food.

"I'll use mylar balloons instead of buying mylar bags."

"Soda bottles will work for long term storage." Who cares that they are designed to bio degrade in a few years, would be impossible to tote a quantity of them, have no light barrier and their long term oxygen barrier capability isn't known.

"Mason jars are easier to use than mylar"- yeah like a chimp couldn't pack CORRECTLY for long term storage with mylars and oxygen absorbers like we've taught folks for years now. If my dogs had THUMBS they would be packing all our families food for us! No matter that glass jars are no light barrier, very easy to break and COSTLY to use for any decent quantities.

One idjit on a forum even mentioned "sewing up little sacks of rice" in old scraps of clothing to use as a psuedo dessicant. I think like many, he was confused as to what oxygen absorbers really do.

Folks, it's way too late in the game to be PLAYING GAMES. Just like my humorous little story at the beginning of this episode, don't waste time trying to re invent the wheel. The research has been done for you, DECADES of storage have proven their worth, why screw around with half arsed methods? Do you want to find out 5 years from now that your half way methods didn't WORK and now you are short on food due your poor packing methods or trying to be the Benjamin Franklin of food storage?

We've layed it all out for you how to pack and get the same quality as you would pay big bucks for from commercial sources-

Stop squaring off the tires and put the walmart bags away!!!